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Hand & Foot Impressions & Prints

A unique and wonderful keepsake of your baby.

Prints & Impressions are a lovely way to remember just how small your baby's hands and feet were! They also make fabulous gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles or godparents and they couldn't be easier to do.

Clay Impressions:

We'll help you to take a perfect impression in the Studio, it only takes a few minutes to press hands and feet into the soft clay!
Then leave it with us and we will do the rest. 
NB. Impressions will take 4 - 6  weeks to complete.

Prices for impressions below.

Painted prints:

These are taken using our non-toxic underglaze paint and can be put onto mugs, plates, vases or tiles. We can help you with any writing or messages in store. Then leave your pottery piece with us for glaze firing and it will be ready for collection within a week.

Price depends on the pottery piece.


Contact us on 028 22913 to book an appointment for prints & impressions.

Vouchers for Hand & Foot Impressions (€35) are now available to buy online

Hand and Foot

Clay Impressions

Clay Impressions 


Baby Hand & Foot - €35


Siblings from - €45 


Family from - €95


Framing - €35


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